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A few Pointers
A) FULL FACE Helmet like a street bike helmet, If you don't have one, borrow one. If you come to the starting line with out one, you will be skipped until you find one.
B) NECK COLLAR. They are $25 for one from Summit, order one.
C) SEAT BELT. If you don't have a driver side seat belt, leave your truck at home.
F) REAR TOW POINT. If we cant simply hook the cable to you then you will not be racing
G) BE ON TIME!!!!!
Also for racers. TWO THINGS!!! Stay till the end of the event to receive your trophy and or money. If you cannot stay till the end. speak with staff and make them aware of who you will have picking your prize up for you. If a random person says " I'm picking up so & sos prize for them", you will be receiving nothing. The track, and mudbog staff is not responsible for your money and trophy if you do not come and pick it up at the end of the event.
If your truck is broken and you are supposed to run in another class coming up. Notify the starting line people or who ever is helping people line the trucks up that you are working on it. If your turn comes to run and you are not there, you will have till the last run to have your truck back together. If you are not done by the last pass you will have 2 additional minutes to get to the line before we move on to the next pass. At this point you will be placed in last place for the class. If you happen to pull up to the linbe with a broken truck that could impose a safety concern to yourself, other racers, spectators or staff, you will be turned away receiving last place. points will be awarded by place.
 Our next Points Series event will be at Cumberland County Fairgrounds in Millville NJ. The mud bog is Friday July 8th followed by Englishtown Raceway August 27th
Price for Millville is $30 per class. 
This past winter, some of the staff had a meeting and we have agreed on some changes for this year.
For July 8th. Registration starts at 5PM. and ends at 6:30PM. event starts at 7pm. fair opens at 12PM
1) 2016 points series. Each race held at Cumberland County, New Egypt and Englishtown will be a points race. 1st place will be 10 points, 2nd 9 points and on down the list. 10th and under will get 1 point. At the end of the year we will be having an awards ceremony for the points winners.
2) Entry fee to compete is going from $25 on to $30. The extra $5 will be going into an account for the awards ceremony at the end of the year.
3) Actual Tire Diameter vs. stamped tire diameter. We are now in 2016 and we have to face that metric size tires are becoming a normal site. Tires will be measured with a caliper upon registration.
4) There have been trucks with NON DOT tires that measure less than 44" such as "Ditch witch" tires. As the 2015 rules lay they would be stuck running in super modified against full blown race trucks.  For 2016, trucks with NON DOT tires that measure less than 44" will be bumped up a class.
5) Cut tires in the DOT classes. If your tires have been cut to gain more life out of a bald tire, or modified tread design that is bald, or tires siped for rock crawling, we will NOT be bumping you up to Super Modified.
6) ATV Classes. In previous years we have always ran 1 ATV Class which was a "unlimited" style class. This year there will be a minimum of 2 ATV classes. ATV1 will be 200-500CC, ATV2 will be 501-1000, SXS (we are still working on SXS approval.)
7) Car bodies on truck frames. We are allowing body swaps on factory style frames as long as they meet the rest of the rules within their class.




 Please remember in order to participate in the event in a truck/jeep/ 4x4 you have to have a FULL FACE HELMET not a ATV helmet with goggles. Think Street Bike Helmet. Also driveshaft loops front and back, Chain = OK. Dog leash = Not OK





 Our events consist of some of  the most bad ass trucks in the nation. Between the horsepower these motors are delivering and the traction these monsterous tires are grabbing there is almost no stopping these trucks. But even if you don't have the money to build one of these monsters, there's classes for all. Everyone has a chance at winning the money, trophy and bragging rights
  If you still have any questions on what it takes to enter after browsing the site please feel free to call me or send an email

We have the following Hill & Hole Classes 

  • ATVS
  • PRO STOCK (up to 44" DOT)
  • 4/6 CYLINDER
  • SUPER STREET (Up to 40" DOT)
  • STREET STOCK (Up to 36" DOT)





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