2016  general rules

Subject to change

                                                        If you have any questions feel free to call (908)-618-1933 or(856)-873-7528
                                                                                   General (all classes)

1)      No alcohol in the pits. There is no tolerance for this and you will be forced to leave with no refunds.

2)       No one under the age of 17 allowed in the pits. (16 year olds are allowed with guardian’s signature and proper i.d including birth certificate.) 

3)      The Speed limit anywhere other than while racing is 5MPH.

4)   NO Flip Flops. Wear boots!!! along with your pit crew. Not only is this a state rule, we have to keep in mind this is a mud track, not the boardwalk. You will be forced to sit in the stands if you have open shoes on.

5)   Long pants and long sleeve shirts must be worn

  Registration: (all classes) 

1)      Registration will begin at ______

2)      The order you register will be the order which in you compete ( in example, if you are the third driver to enter into class 2, you would be assigned the number 2/3).If you have 2 drivers running your truck the number would be 2/3-4-5 etc.

3)       The number you are assigned must be written on the drivers side of your vehicle with window chalk, an official will be doing this

4)       Your vehicle will have a safety inspection performed before your vehicle enters the pits. (please see safety rules to be sure your vehicle will pass.)

5)      The tech inspectors are here to help keep the event safe for the driver, the spectators and ourselves, please treat them with respect. If there is a disagreement lets work it out and not sit there and argue.

                                                                                        Before the race: (all classes) 
   Please be on time, I understand that stuff happens. We can not easily add the paperwork of a late show up 

1)      Please feel free to park wherever in the pits.

2)     Please do not start your vehicle until after 12:00PM, if you drove in please park and shut your vehicle off until 12:00PM. (Local Ordinance)

3)      At ______ there will be a MANDATORY drivers meeting, where we will refresh ourselves with the rules and concept of the event, after this I will answer any questions. Please stay around to hear others questions and conversations just incase you end up running one of these classes some day.

4)      After the drivers meeting please report back to the pits promptly.

5)       Trucks will come out immediately after the drivers meeting and they will be staged. Class 1 will be staged by the starting line. #1/1 will report at the starting line.

                                                                                                    Rules of the Race:  

1)      When you pull up to the starting line, please have safety equipment on and ready. (Full Face Helmet on and strapped, Neck brace on, and seat belt fastened.)

2)      There will be a person staging you about 10 feet from the starting beam.

3)      Once he stops you, you are now staged, when the flagger drops the green flag you can go. This does not start the timer, but is an indication that all officials are ready for you to go.

4)      If your pass is a distance pass and you get stuck, there will be an official with a red flag and will wave it once forward progression comes to a halt. Once red flag is waived, do not stay on the throttle.

5)      Exception to the "stop" rules, is when using a clutch, if you have to engage the clutch to shift and your vehicle comes to a halt you will not be flagged.

6)   "Out of Bounds" is considered when a tire goes up the wall and part of your tire has rode on ground level. Out of Bounds will result in a DQ.

7)      DO NOT attempt to reverse out of the pit, put your vehicle in neutral and let the extraction device pull you out. Once you get back to the starting line , there will be event staff there helping you along.

8)      If for some reason the cable comes off of the tow point, or if your tow point comes off, YOU will be responsible to get out of your truck and hook it up. PINDLE HITCH IS HIGHLY RECOMENDED

9)      All vehicles that get stuck will be measured off of the front of their body, extended bumpers and wheelbases do not count.

10)   All vehicles may have the cable attached, depending on condition of the pit.

11)   If you are to make it out of the other side of the track,please come to a stop once crossing the finish line.

12)    Once you come to a stop someone will disconnect the cable off of your truck and you will then proceed to your next destination

13)   All entries will consist of 1 pass. After your pass is done please return back into line for your second driver, or in line for your next class, or return back to the pits

14)   No refunds unless for some reason your class was not ran.

15)   Finally please be ready when it is your turn.

   Payouts and entry fees

All payouts will be 100% of entry fees

For example lets say at the $25 entry fee, 20 trucks enter class 2 , the total purse would be $500.  This would be split 3 ways. First will be taking back 60% at $300, Second taking back 30% at $150 and third will be taking back 10% at $50. Classes that have less than 7 entries will only have the top 2 guys splitting the purse 60/40, classes with under 5 entries winner takes all.

If a class gets over 30 entries 4th  and 5th place will get 10% of the purse.

There must be at least 3 entries in each class in order for the class to exist.



All Classes are $25 entry fee



If you believe someone is cheating or has possibly altered their truck after tech inspection, please notify an official BEFORE THE TRUCK HAS MADE IT’S PASS IN THE CLASS and a tech inspection for your complaint will be performed only to confirm you protest as soon as they are done racin When the word “truck” is used it means all drivers will be DQed from the class. Protests are not valid after the truck hg. A protest will cost $100. If the person being protested against turns out legit he will get $50 and Mud in the Pines will collect the other $50. If you turn out correct you will get your money back and the other TRUCK will be DQed in the class they were running with no refund. If it is a point’s race they will receive 0 points for that class.as made its first pass in that class. In order to perform a protest, you must be a driver competing in the class of the truck you are protesting against.

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